'Ephemeral Architecture' is a video art project that explores the idea of fluidity and transience in urban landscapes, challenging traditional architectural photography's static, objective documentation. By capturing the symbiotic relationship between buildings and their ever-changing facades and reflections, this project seeks to represent the lived experience of densely populated cities.
My creative process involved extensive exploration of NYC, observing the interplay of natural light and different vantage points on building exteriors. Rather than adhering to conventional architectural photography, the focus shifts to the kinetic documentation of built spaces, revealing their temporality and shape-shifting nature. Each video is crafted from countless photographs taken over hours of interaction with a single building or reflection, resulting in a morphing visual experience. Influenced by geometric abstraction and H.P. Lovecraft's ideas of non-Euclidean architecture, 'Ephemeral Architecture' offers an alternative perspective on the urban environment. The fluid dynamism of the buildings serves as a metaphor for the hustle and bustle of a metropolis like NYC, presenting the viewer with a unique interpretation of the supposedly timeless and rigid structures that surround us. By embracing subjectivity and engaging with the built environment through my camera, I transform these structures, bending them to my will, and revealing their impermanent, ever-changing nature.
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